10 Beach Essentials

  1. Towel | 2. Stripe Tote, Beach Tote | 3. Batiste Dry Shampoo | 4. Water Bottle | 5. Coral Sandals (70% off) | 6. Essie Nail Polish | 7. Floral One Piece | 8. Hair Clips | 9. J. Crew Hat | 10. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Now it’s that time of year where we get to spend long hot days at the beach. Most of my great memories from childhood involve being at the beach. My family would pack a cooler, and bags of sunscreen, towels, and water and we’d set up camp on a beach in the morning and stay till about dinner time. Even today we do this, and it’s my favorite. I’m happiest when I’m on the beach. The thing is, we don’t stay for just a couple hours; we stay for the whole day which means I usually need a lot of stuff to ensure I have a relaxing time. This season, these 10 items are my favorites for the beach. One of my favorites is the one piece by Shop Stevie. She has such a unique collection of clothes with very reasonable prices. Her swimwear is to die for…especially if you’re in to unique one-pieces. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe memorial weekend. My friends and I were planning to go to the beach on Saturday but it’s supposed to storm all day. 🙁


*Individual product images found on google.

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