5 Reasons Why Batiste is Best


Day 3 without washing my hair…sorry if that’s TMI. IMG_8205IMG_8195IMG_8201IMG_8192IMG_8193

The mini ones are perfect for taking to the beach to keep hair from getting too greasy after a long day at the beach! ps: it fits in my little Kate Spade 🙂
IMG_8197IMG_8207Once I began using dry shampoo, I tried every brand out there, partly because of the variation in prices, and partly out of pure curiosity. I thought, well they’re all dry shampoo so they must be the same in terms of quality right? WRONG. Some of them would spray out wrong, others would spray on wet which somehow made my hair look greasier, others made my hair sticky, and they all wouldn’t last. So began my love affair with Batiste… I love how I can use it before styling my hair so it’s thick enough to hold the style, like beach waves. I go through a bottle a week (yikes) and the rest is history.

5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Dry Shampoo:

  1. It sprays on dry – You don’t need to worry about spraying it wet and letting it sit before brushing your hair. You just spray, rub, brush and you’re done.
  2. It lasts throughout the day – Other brands I’ve tried somehow wear off throughout the day but this one keeps my scalp dry. I’m realizing this is kinda a gross topic as I type this but it’s a fact of life so whatever.
  3. It makes my hair thicker – This is a hidden bonus in the brand and one of the main reasons I became obsessed. I have naturally thin and fine hair so I’ve always looked for ways to thicken my hair by trying different products that didn’t really work. Discovering that Batiste added thickness and body to my hair was the best surprise ever. My friends started asking me how my hair got thicker.
  4. It smells amazing – Unlike some other dry shampoos that smell like you just unleashed a can of chlorine on your scalp, Batiste smells like flowers and who doesn’t love smelling like that all day?
  5. It actually works – I’ve been so frustrated with other brands just not doing the job at all. That’s the final reason why I’ve become brand loyal to Batiste dry shampoo. Check them out here.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review.

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