Acai Bowls

Recipe to the Acai Bowls Below

It’s snowing fiercely in Grand Rapids as I type this. I don’t know how everyone else is feeling this winter, but my sisters and I are missing summer! It always hits me in February where I’m just ready for longer days and warmer temperatures. Combine that with the “new year new you” goals and you have a tropical Acai bowl making weekend! Our shopping list was so funny when we went to Meijer. It was all fruit and fruit juice. At checkout I felt like everyone was looking at me like I have a pet monkey at my apartment.

The process of cutting the fruit and having a goofy day taking pictures and putting the bowls together was a great way to feel summery in this freezing weather. The three of us girls hanging out together is sometimes Nick’s worse nightmare because we’re just so weird together and have too much fun. 🙂

On to the Acai bowls…We had to freeze the mixture and put fruit on top and it ended up tasting so good! This already has me so excited for summer weather! We’ll probably be making smoothie bowls and Acai bowls all summer long. So as we tolerate this Michigan winter, it’s so fun to pretend we actually live in Hawaii…like the Clark family! We are already putting together our bucket list for summer 2017 and I seriously can’t wait. We’re excited to go to movies in the park in GR, spend weekends at the beach, be able to run outside (we’re not as committed as the people who run in the winter), and go on picnics. We’re also planning a few trips this summer as well! Is anyone else planning summer trips?? Ahh it can’t come soon enough!

1/2 Cup Strawberries

1/3 Cup Banana

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

1 teaspoon Acai Powder

3 Cubes Ice

Mix in a blender and top with fruit of your choice! And put it in a coconut if you’re feeling extra blue from the winter. 😉

We didn’t use frozen fruit because we really wanted the fresh stuff! So our bowls weren’t as frozen as their supposed to be but I think they tasted fresher.



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