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Turtleneck Dress: Target | Blazer: Ivanka Trump (on sale at TJMAXX) | Shoes: ALDO


I’ve shopped religiously at ALDO Shoes for as long as I can remember, so naturally as the leaves changed and autumn approached; I knew I needed a chic office appropriate boot. I searched and searched for the perfect one and found it at ALDO. It was a black suede ankle bootie with a pointed toe and a kitten heel. Very Italian looking…I was SO excited about them. Over the span of two weeks I wore them a few times to the office and they broke. The heels broke down to the medal stubs, the fabric fell off, the toes were worn really badly…it looked like I grabbed onto the back of a Grand Rapids bus and let my shoes drag on the concrete road for five miles. They looked horrible.

So naturally I was going to take them back but was nervous that I’d have to put up a fight with ALDO about getting a refund or exchange. I called them and explained the situation and without having to say one defensive thing they said, “Oh bring those back and we’ll get you a new shoe right away.” I was relieved but also skeptical. When I arrived in the store they thanked me for coming to them with my issue and let me exchange the shoe for a complete new one (the ones I’m wearing here). I know this act of customer service doesn’t sound that shocking, and it’s not…to be honest you have to have excellent customer service to survive in this world. But I was just so pleased with the “no questions asked”, and how they spent an hour with me finding the perfect shoe and basically giving me a fashion consultation. The person taking care of me clearly loved advising others on fashion…;). I would highly recommend ALDO shoes not only for their highly fashionable shoe choices, but for their excellent customer service.

YAY for Thanksgiving day this week!



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