Army Green Coats

Green Coat (old from Nordstrom) similar here here here & here

With warm weather comes the strong urge for us to be outside and pretend it’s summer. We picked up our favorite coconut lattes that morning and headed to the beach, and stayed there for a couple hours. Tons of people were outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

There’s kind of an odd story behind this army green coat. I’d originally purchased it online back in October for winter. When it arrived and I tried it on for the first time I felt like it wasn’t warm enough and I didn’t love it so I placed it back in the box with intentions to return it. October quickly became December and by then it was too late to return the coat so I told Nick we should give it to a coat drive. A few days later I was at working carrying something into our Grand Rapids office when the door snagged my black winter coat and completely tore the back of it. So I had to wear this green one for a while as I got the black one stitched back together.

Overall though, I love army green jackets and whether they’re for winter or spring, they look cute on everyone! I have some fall and winter versions of this above. Spring can’t come soon enough!



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