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Dress: ASOS | Gold Shoes (old) similar Kate Spade

Do I even need to tell you guys where all my clothes are from anymore? I link to ASOS every single time… it’s the only place I shop. The last dress I bought from there is this really fun pink one. I was on my shopping account with ASOS a few weeks ago and looked back at the history of everything I purchased from them in the last year and the price was a tad frightening but I haven’t exceeded my shopping budget so it’s technically okay. It’s just scary to see how it all adds up after a year!

Anyway… we were just enjoying the warm weather downtown and everyone was out and about for a bar crawl. I’m laughing in a few of these pictures because there were drunk people peddling around in a beer trolley and waving at everyone as they passed by. It was so funny. Then at one point as we were taking picture these women in a car on the road called me over to ask where my dress was from. Everyone around GR is just so friendly and talkative with strangers. I love it.

This is random news but I am so excited to announce that I’ve been brought on to Style Me Pretty (SMP) as a writer/contributor! This has been a dream for a long time. Honestly everything I do is because Nick encourages me and inspires me. So many weekend mornings he’ll be in the shower while I’m getting ready and he’ll say “you know what you should do with your blog…” and he’ll come up with a new idea or a suggestion for me. He also stayed up late with me and proofread my first article ten times when I was submitting my first article to SMP. I love what I do and am grateful to be married to someone who helps me achieve my hopes and dreams. Read my first article that I wrote here.


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