Bangs 101


You guys…I LOVE BANGS. I’ve only had them for two weeks, and coincidentally these last two weeks have been the most humid of all summer so I’ve had to learn quickly¬†how to make them not frizzy, make my face not sweaty, and keep from touching them. If you guys remember me mentioning here, I am so low maintenance when it comes to my hair but I knew if I wanted bangs I needed to be more proactive in styling. The week I got them I has driving Nicks jeep all week while he was using my car. His jeep doesn’t have air conditioning and it was SOOOO humid and I had these brand new bangs. That week I had one of my friends rehearsal dinners for her wedding (and if I only use this phrase once in my life, now is the time): MY FACE MELTED OFF. There was no escape from the humidity and at the rehearsal with the combination of being outside, the heat, and my bangs; I was dripping with sweat and my bangs were ruined for the day. Super gross, but I promise some day your face will melt off. So, here are the steps I take and the tools I use to ensure that I maintain cute looking bangs, especially in this hot weather.

After I shower…

  1. I wrap my hair in a towel right away and leave it until I’m done with my makeup. This is so I can blow dry them without ruining my makeup.
  2. The last thing I do with my makeup before taking the towel out of my hair, is I use Urban Decay’s setting spray. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes. I first bought it for my wedding and I loved it so much I keep getting it for summer time.
  3. After I take the towel out of my hair, and brush my hair; I blow dry it with a round bristle brush. In all honesty to me, a hair dryer is a hair dryer so I ended up buying a cheap one from Meijer. If someone understands the difference in hair dryers, please tell me because OMG right now the thought of a $200 hair dryer seems like the biggest waste of money.
  4. Next I backcomb my bangs just a tiny bit to make them fluffy so they don’t get stringy on my head.
  5. To lock them in place I use Garnier Fructis holding spray with barely one little spritz. I love that it smells good and isn’t crunchy.

When I carefully follow these steps my bangs have been perfectly fluffy and set all day. I don’t feel the need to touch them, and they don’t stick to my forehead. Now I just need to survive these last few weeks of summer, and then I can break out my tights and enjoy not sweating!!

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