Bedroom Redesign


Comforter: Macy’s | Bedside Tables: Wayfair | Lamps: Marshalls | Rugs: Ikea | Throw Pillows: Homegoods | Throw Blanket: Homegoods | Frames, gold mirrors, and white table are DIY projects or antique family finds.

To me, shades of white have always been the coziest. We began our marriage with the combination of our college bedroom furniture. Non-matching bedside tables, my cheetah lamp, Nicks blue comforter…my hot pink pillows. That’s just how we started out. I’d recently been thinking of how I wanted to redesign our room. What mattered to me is that the bedroom was symmetrical for the most part. I love when bedrooms match items on both sides. The wheels in my head were turning with different ideas and then this summer we stayed in the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen. The H Hotel in Marshall MI. It had gorgeous interior. Everything was shades of white, sleek and very modern. That was great inspiration for me as I wrapped up all the design plans in my head.

I think my interior design style is a combination of modern and classic glam. This room is a good combination of new pieces we purchased and items we painted. The white table underneath the oval mirror was my old bedside table which was just wood with round handles on it. A tiny part of this bedroom redesign project involved painting handles…and a few other accents gold. I love gold…and like I said shades of white are cozy so from there everything fell into place. When purchasing new items I was careful to ensure that I would be able to use it again. It seems so wasteful to purchase something very trendy that you can’t put in your future home. Another big factor for me was that I want the whole design of our apartment to make sense together. I don’t want one room to be designed completely inconsistent with another room. So far I think I’ve been good about that. We are really into throwing things away right now, which creates more simplicity in our space.  That makes such a huge difference. Especially when you live like us…in a small space. This project has been so fun but I will say that one of the biggest things I learned when decorating is to have patience. No matter how much money you have, you have to rely on things like humidity levels for painting, and schedules for thrifting. It doesn’t happen over night. The end result is so fun but it’s a process.

I have to say one thing about the calligraphy signs which really tested my paience…I had been working for weeks on making each sign perfect by hand lettering them…then one  night as I was almost finished I totally ruined one and I was like “THAT’S IT!” For nights I had been quietly and meticulously hand drawing those letters and one mistake just unraveled me. I got online, googled “downloadable calligraphy fonts, downloaded one called “Watermelon” and within seconds was printing them off. If you lose your patience…that’s the way to do it folks. Nick was dying laughing. Don’t stress about DIYing your whole life.

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