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Dress: ASOS | Shoes (old) similar: here here and here for under $35.

To be honest, summer fashion is not my favorite. I love summertime but the heat and sweatiness bothers me and prevents me from enjoying most summer outfits…and purchasing them. In Michigan, eight months out of the year are usually cold so the majority of the year we’re wearing things to stay warm. So I think to myself, why purchase a tank top that I’ll wear on the weekends for a few months? LOL this probably doesn’t make sense to other people. I’m just super picky about what clothes I’ll spend my money on. While you won’t see me perusing tables of tanks at Target, you will see me purchasing another dress. I LOVE dresses. I feel that I usually can get much more use out of a dress than many items of clothing (depending on the dress of course). I love this dress for outdoor summer events! The sunglasses I’m wearing here are the other pair that I mentioned in my most recent fashion post here with a link to the $5 version. I acquired these nude heels in kind of an accidental way. I went to my bachelorette party last summer in Grand Haven and couldn’t find my cheetah heels (perfect for an LBD bachelorette party) so my friend Amy suggested I shop around the boutiques for a while to find a heel that could attempt to replace my cheetahs. 🙂 Now I’m so glad I have them because the nude matches with almost anything.

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