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img_9095-2img_9102img_9089-2img_9141-2img_9142img_9151img_9075img_9146Sweatshirt: Bow&Drape

You GUYS! The day I discovered Bow&Drape all the pieces of my life fell into place. Well not exactly per se, however when I perused through their Insta account I thought, “Where has this company been my whole life??” If one singular type of clothing could define me, it’s a sparkly crew neck sweatshirt. If I were trapped on the earth in solitary with one choice of apparel for the rest of my life; it would be this sweat shirt.

The girls who work there have the characteristics of the women that we all want to be friends with… hilarious, punny, smart, glam… their company’s attitude is so fun. One of my favorite things about their site is the custom section. I love that I can choose different colors of embroidered sparkly emojis, words, and little things. The creative possibilities are endless.

My sweatshirt design in particular was one they had already made before, and I couldn’t help myself because I love the movie Clueless. Mine is very we’ll say “out there” but they have so many varieties, that are honestly perfect for bridesmaids and bridal parties if you ask me! Here are a few of my favorites that they have including normal ones and bride related ones:

You Had Me At Merlot

Current Mood

Just In Queso

STONED (with an engagement ring emoji) 😉

BRB Honey Mooning

Bride Chilla 

You can bet that I’ll be buying the bride related ones for my sisters the second they’re engaged. Hope you have fun exploring their website and Insta and happy Shopping! *insert every cute emoji ever* Oh and if you’re wondering why it’s called bow and drape…I think it’s for all of us who are dramatic and delusional enough to believe this world is our own little stage.

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