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Since getting my braces taken off in 8th grade; I receive lots of compliments on my teeth. Usually nice comments from family and friends…sometimes creepy compliments from strangers. That happens too often. One of my favorite stranger teeth compliments was this time I was standing in line at Subway in college and this guy in line said, “I like your teeth. How did you get them so straight?” I started laughing…there are clearly only two options here bro: braces, or genes. So thanks to braces I’ve been happy with my teeth but in the recent months felt like they were losing their brightness and whiteness. I don’t drink coffee so it was starting to bother me that my teeth were yellowing at 23. I started to use Crest whitening strips and HATED them. They don’t work fast enough, you have to inconveniently sit with them in your mouth for 20-60 minutes, and to me they taste like stomach bile.

So I read a blog where someone was talking about using Arm & Hammer toothpaste to whiten their teeth. Since I tried so many toothpastes that failed to keep the promise of “whitening” it said on the tube; I thought I might as well give one more a whirl. I started using the stain defense toothpaste here and was blown away by the results. I noticed my teeth were whiter after a couple days. I was shocked. Nick and I became obsessed with it so much that we got sent some more products from Arm & Hammer like their clean and fresh toothpaste here along with their mouth wash here. The downside of the first one we used is that it’s not minty so in the morning if you want minty freshness, I think the second option along with the mouth wash are a great option. Overall, my teeth are definitely whiter. I used to feel the need to edit my teeth in pictures but now I don’t at all. I do feel like I hit the point where they won’t get any whiter by the means I’m using but I’m very pleased with where it’s gotten me. Out of all the toothpastes that “whitening” on the front; Arm & Hammer was the first and only one to work for me and Nick. If you try it, let me know what you think!


*These pictures are unedited.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge for my honest review.

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