Candy Stripe Swimsuit

ASOS | Two Piece Version at ASOS here

We have been soaking up each weekend day of warm weather. We’ve been itching to get to the beach and have enjoyed just eating lunch and sitting by the beach reading. It was kind of a windy day and gradually got colder and colder. We thought of leaving many times but I kept thinking of how my parents will go to the beach rain, wind, or shine. Like them, I consider myself a die-hard beach lover so I feel pretty tolerant of most weather scenarios on the beach. Nick was “freezing” and so I began to rattle of stories on stories of my parents tolerating any and every kind of weather, number of kids, and however many miles of walking for a beach day.

Most of my childhood memories are days where we’d get to the beach at 10am and stay till 6pm. My parents would walk as far as they had to; carrying us kids and all of our stuff that allowed us to comfortably be at the beach for hours. I love those memories and can’t wait to hopefully instill the same attitude in our kids.

I’ve been loving bright colored suits for the beach and had to have this one. I love that it comes in a two-piece version as well! Beach season is upon us… well at least for those of us who are obsessed!

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