Casa Thompson

^ I know – my taste in books is so refined…haha not!
^This was Nick’s old desk from college that we painted! ^This plant is from Nick’s Grandma. She had it for 30+ years! As a couple who can’t keep basil alive, we didn’t feel we were the rightful heirs to this plant but so far it’s still alive you guys. 

Photos Taken & Edited by Alyssa Wagner

After 15 nights away from home we are thrilled to be back in the USA. Nick and I endured 20 hours of travel to get from the Amalfi Coast to our beloved apartment in Grand Rapids.

While we were abroad I kept thinking of the phrase people often use, Home Is Wherever I’m With You. We sipped wine overlooking the rolling hills and wineries of Tuscany. We squeezed through the old narrow roads of Florence, we crawled across the rocks that lined the bay of Cinque Terre, and we sipped Bellini’s on the Amalfi Coast. But as far as that phrase goes, I’m calling BS. Nick is my life. Nick is my family and I do believe that we can make a home wherever we choose to, however – being away from home is just that. It’s being away from home, no matter who you’re with or what you’re doing.

So, we LOVED our time in Italy AND we are so excited to be back in our home. These photos were taken by the extremely talented and lovely Alyssa. She and her husband Drew have their own photography co: It was so fun to relax in our home back in May and have her take photos for us. This is our home…

It’s where we wake up early to make elaborate breakfasts on weekend mornings. It’s where we watch the sunrise and make tea. It’s where we bury ourselves under mountains of pillows and blankets and set our thermostat to 65 degrees all year round. It’s where we cook, have friends over, stow our bikes, attempt to keep plants alive, make each other drinks at the end of a long work day and laugh. This place is us.

Thank you Alyssa for capturing a snippet into our lives here in Grand Rapids. You are the most joyful and kind-spirited photographer we’ve ever worked with.

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