Castle Farms


One morning I woke up in a very castle-y mood and decided to google, “castles in Michigan” only to find that if I want to go have a picnic at a castle, I need to drive all the way up to Charlevoix Michigan. Up north Michigan is probably one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve grown up going on annual vacations to Empire Michigan every summer. So naturally when I had a meeting up north, it made sense for Nick and I to take advantage of it by also going to Castle Farms. The best thing about visiting Castle Farms, is that you can have a picnic on the grounds and then walk around on a tour by yourself. I will admit, I thought the history was going to be about Princes and Princesses. That’s not even slightly the truth but it was still such a beautiful place to walk around. They have so many wedding venues and so much space that they can have multiple weddings going on at one time.

This little visit was so fun but recently in my real life things have been a little more crazy. You know those moments when your life isn’t going as planned and then one tiny thing happens and it’s the straw that broke the camels back? Well for me, the straw was accidentally cutting off my eyelashes. Nick keeps telling me they’ll grow back but I always thought you get the eyelashes you’re born with and that’s it. Ugh still crying BUT now I have a valid reason to get lash extensions. Looking around for places in Grand Rapids…eeek!


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