My Perfume Do’s & Dont’s

In honor of the approaching spring season (and the fact that we had a lot of left over […]

Stila Highlighter Trio Review

I recently got this Stila Highlighter Trio and LOVE it! I’ve started to use more and more products […]

Bangs 101

You guys…I LOVE BANGS. I’ve only had them for two weeks, and coincidentally these last two weeks have […]

Brighter Smiles | Arm & Hammer

Since getting my braces taken off in 8th grade; I receive lots of compliments on my teeth. Usually […]

Bun-Day Monday: Twisted Side Bun

Happy Bun-Day Monday! I don’t know if I’ve really gone into depth about how low maintenance I usually […]

5 Reasons Why Batiste is Best

Day 3 without washing my hair…sorry if that’s TMI.  The mini ones are perfect for taking to the […]

Multiply Your Makeup

  Ahh Ulta… the sparkling floors, intoxicating fragrances, and product packaging that makes my jaw drop. This is […]

Parlour Blonde

  When I was little I had natural bright blonde hair…hair that was glowy and naturally shiny and […]

Soft Matte Lips

  Many of you who are around me often; know a scary detail about me; I am OCD […]

The Parlour | Girls Day

Recently my sisters and I had a girls day to celebrate Kait turning 19. We went to The […]