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IMG_7419IMG_7432IMG_7457IMG_7506IMG_7458IMG_7448IMG_7417IMG_7469IMG_7478Nick: Pants – H&M  | Me: Skirt – KateSpade – old- 60% off here

Okay so from time to time, mine and Nicks couple style is dressed up. Except when we’re at home and just in sweat pants ;). The more we’ve been married the more I realize how similar our sense of style is. Nick will shop by himself and get things that I would’ve picked out for him. I love it. He got these pants at H&M and we love them! I found this skirt at the Kate Spade outlet at Tanger and it was 80% off. I was so excited. I love coordinating outfits from time to time but I’ve promised myself I’d never turn out to be like this 40 ish year old couple we saw at a Christmas party and they were in matching Burberry plaid…like full plaid shirts. It was scary. I can’t judge that much because in Grand Cayman Nick and I wore pineapple print but that’s because we were intoxicated by the Caribbean. We took these pictures at one of my favorite coffee places in Otsego…Mezzo Coffee House. The owner opened the shop just for us. She’s just the sweetest. I’ve been dying to do a couple shoot with Nick in our city…Grand Rapids. That will be coming soon! Also coming soon…our bedroom redesign. We’ve made some major adjustments to it and I love it. I can’t wait to show the before and after…although I don’t even want to show the before because it’s so scary, haha.


XO friends.

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