Fall Excitement

IMG_9419IMG_9421IMG_9425IMG_9427IMG_9429IMG_9424 Blazer: Macy’s | Peplum Top: (old) similar here | Shoes: Target

While I hold deep appreciation for the black and blue trend going on, I love the traditional blue and brown. That’s how Nick and his groomsmen dressed at our wedding and I LOVED it. This outfit reminds me of fall, and now that July is almost done; I am so excited for fall time! I love wearing tights, making autumn recipes, the thought of drinking PSL’s (haha I’ve never actually had one but the idea excites me) and not being sweaty while being outside. Yay fall! This is random but Nick and I actually met at Gull Meadow Farms when my family was picking out pumpkins in October. That was almost a decade ago…!

I’m excited for fall but I have so much I want to do before that time comes. I’ve really been wanting to feed giraffes and John Ball Zoo doesn’t have those so we definitely need to go somewhere to figure that out. Today Nick was like, “Why are you so obsessed with feeding giraffes? They’re not THAT cool.” And I laughed and mentioned that they’re super tall (which to me is cool) and I’m super short. Nick was like, “Wait how short are you?” Turns out he completely forgot that I’m 5’3 and was slightly frightened. Embracing shortness!

xo friends!



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