Fall Shopping Tradition


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The tradition of “Fall Shopping” became so grand that it was our only shopping trip all year. It began when I was in elementary school when my Nana and mom would take my sister and I shopping for clothes in the fall. It grew and got a little out of control over the years…so much in fact that when I was about 12, my sister and I began planning out our fall shopping trips months in advance. Spring would hit and BOOM; while everyone was getting giddy about floral, neon, and swimsuits, I was writing my fall shopping list with a flashlight in my bunk-bed at night.

The reason I prepared so much was because of the feelings that hold true for me today: I HATE SHOPPING IN A STORE. Like I’ve said here before, I get a headache, I get nauseated by the crowds, and I don’t find what I want if I don’t prepare. As the years continued my sister and I broke it down to a science. While we prefer to shop online; we feel the ┬áneed to keep the fall shopping tradition alive by physically shopping in the stores (also who doesn’t love an Auntie Anne’s break?! WHO!??) So here’s what we do to ensure we never have a disappointing shopping experience (which is so easy these days):

  1. Write A List: We don’t simply write what we want; we go online and find exactly where that item is in the store and then we keep track of what stores contain which items we want.
  2. Call the Store: I always do this when I shop not online. I call them in advance and make sure they have what I saw online, and then I ask them to put it on hold for me.
  3. Budget: Writing a detailed list and finding the prices allows you to make priorities and stick to your plan.
  4. Map it Out: We obnoxiously finalize our list and then map out exactly what stores we’re going to… and plan the order. It changes every year. One year; old navy pulled through for us way more than we expected. Usually Target is always on the list.
  5. Stick to the List: Since we went to such tight-ass extremes to planning this grand tradition; we don’t sway from our list. While shopping we have a filter of what we’re shopping for and what we already know we’re going to spend. We also hold each other accountable which is huge.

    There it is folks…the most obnoxious yet wonderful tradition my sister and I do. When we were young the fall shopping trips ended with a fashion show for my Dad… that’s changed a tiny bit.

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