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Call me a freaking five year old but I was so effing giddy about feeding giraffes. You’ll remember here that I mentioned how excited I was to feed giraffes this summer.  Someone on Instagram suggested Boulder Ridge Park and I was not disappointed. That’s one thing I can cross off my summer 2016 bucket list.

The last time I saw giraffes was at Binder Park Zoo when my class went on a field trip. It was one of the field trips I remember my Dad attending and being a group leader. Me and dad were put together in a group of 3 sweaty little 7 year old boys; classmates. After a lot of walking around in the hot sun we finally made it to the giraffes. My dad had to grab a couple quarters to put into the binocular things. My dad was like, “Okay I’m getting coins right there, so don’t move. I’ll be right back.” I swear the moment my dad turned his back, those dirty little boys bolted. My dad returned 30 seconds later and I was standing all alone near the giraffes and I had no idea where the boys were. LOL ugh I’ve always been fond of that memory with my dad. Anyway folks, I hope your summer has been everything you hoped! This weekend we’re attending the 6th of our 7 weddings this summer!



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