Happy Valentine’s Day!

^Cannot ever control these bangs whilst outdoors… 

Dress: ASOS | Shoes: (DSW/old) crazy pretty ones here, and toned down ones here lol.

Merriest Valentine’s Day! It’s my favorite holiday of the year. Since I am a anxious/worrying person; I fear the worst case scenarios often. It’s a curse but the silver lining is that it makes me insanely grateful for what seems like the smallest things. Every day I thank God that we’re healthy, safe, have jobs, have degrees, have the ability to watch sunsets, kiss, run around together, laugh together, and most of all the fact that I get to be married to my best friend. I do not take a single moment on this earth with Nick for granted. I look at him when he’s being funny or sweet and I think, “This is one of those memories you’re going to want to remember someday.” Love living with my bff so much.

We took these pics in January when it was like negative 200 degrees outside so if we look freezing it’s because we were. We have so many plans for summer already and I cannot wait for warm weather, long days, and all of our adventures. Nick wants to do this thing where we try out a new food/drink place in GR once a week. We have this list on our fridge of all the places we’ve explored in the city with notes like, “will never go back” or “best effing sangria ever” lol. It’s a really  nifty list to have and we’re excited to keep it going. We love food and we love each other.

Happy Valentine’s


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