I Hate When Girl’s Say…

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In the art of dressing ourselves, we sometimes think (and say) the most ridiculous things about ourselves. Perhaps it’s that we think our ankles look fat, our shape is weird, our hips are too wide, we’re too pale… something that just isn’t a big deal. Comments like that bring us down but there’s one phrase in particular that is the worst thing you can say about your appearance. I heard it frequently when I worked at Bianka Bridal. We’ve all said it…some more than others. Here it is: “I can’t pull that off”. I cringe when I hear a girl say that. What do you mean, you can’t pull it off? YES YOU CAN.

At Bianka Bridal, I helped women of all ages, shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets. Often, the most insecure group of women were the moms. They ALWAYS said something like, “I can’t pull this off though…”. I thought, why in the world are the moms the most insecure group?? It’s because they’ve put themselves in a box with fashion for such a long time that they had such a hard time pulling themselves out of.

We think that because we always are in a glam look, that we can’t try a sporty one or vice versa. Or perhaps we think we don’t have the “correct body type” for it. Okay there are some things that are appropriate and some things that aren’t, but any woman can pull off any style if she does just this one thing… believe that she can pull it off. If you think you can’t pull something off, then you probably can’t because you’re going to feel weird if you try. But if you tell yourself that you can pull it off, you’ll believe it and own it. My friend told me that so many years ago. It’s kind of cheesy but also very simple and true.

If you feel like you’re in a fashion rut, take some time to think about how you want to re-brand your style. Companies do a re-brand from time to time (I’m currently managing one where I work) and it’s a chance to change up the style rut you’re in. To do this, think about what you feel the prettiest/best/most comfortable in and just do it, but also… don’t be afraid to try new things. I met this girl in college who ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS was in black pants, a white blouse, bright red lipstick, with her hair in a bun. She felt the prettiest in that outfit no matter where she was and she was remembered for that. It was fabulous.However one day I saw her in a bright floral dress and was shocked because I never saw her out of her chic black and white look. She said she just wanted to change things up and I thought it was so great.

I’ve vowed to myself to always try new things and put myself out of my comfort zone so that I don’t get in a style rut. I love when I see someone being bold or trying something they don’t normally do with fashion. It shows that you’re having fun and that’s truly all that matters. I’ve trained myself to look at any fashion item and never say, “I can’t pull that off”. Give it a whirl!


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