Just A Purse


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As the Kate Spade cashier handed me my first splurge purchase on a purse, she also passed on to me an unreal expectation that this purse would be PERFECT. This thought burst out of me as I gently and meticulously pulled the wrap off of the purse when I got it home. It sizzled out as I placed the purse on the table before I went to bed, and sure enough those expectations were creeping out the next day as I worked with my purse on my desk. Not on the carpet, not hung up… perched like a stoic cat on my desk for 9 hours.

You may be thinking I am a psychopath like “Wow It’s just a purse”. It is just a purse, I realize that now. But it took me a couple days. Now back to my cat purse. My cat purse was so still as I glanced at it frequently. I was fairly calm until my eyes latched onto something that made me gasp dramatically. I lurched over to the purse with my eyes bulgingly fixated on what I can only describe as a small dried out glue spot on the handle of the purse. I angrily stared at it as the price of the purse scanned through my brain. I contemplated driving back to Tanger Outlets to exchange it for one that does not have a glue spot on it!

Okay again it’s just a purse but in my mind I was thinking….this purse isn’t like my other purses…I didn’t buy it from Forever21, it’s not nine years and three boyfriends old. It hasn’t suffered from an explosion of a 30 day old granola bar. Not only was this purse unlike any purse I’d had before…the amount I spent on it was one I’d never scanned my card for. If this purse cost more than the rest, then the standards should be higher right? And I should treat it better than I treated that pleather studded forever 21 purse right??

Yes but then it hit me that while I should treat this purse well, it’s just that; a purse. The older I get, and the more I work – the more I realize the value of my work and the value of my purchases. It’s just a fact that at 23 I purchase a few things that are more expensive than when I was 18. I know how hard I work to be able to purchase those items and so I expect a higher price usually comes with higher quality.

So I decided to keep the purse with the glue spot on it. I didn’t exchange it. I purposefully kept it so that every time I saw that annoying little spot I’m reminded that it’s just a purse. Yes I’m still going to treat it like the royalty to all of the purses I’ve had before…but I’m not going to keep an unreal expectation.

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