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Ahh Ulta… the sparkling floors, intoxicating fragrances, and product packaging that makes my jaw drop. This is the place where beauty dreams come true. But, let’s be real – it’s also the place where you can hold $150 worth of products in one fist as you hear the distant sounds of your credit card screaming.

I LOVE shopping at Ulta, and enjoy browsing their products but I just don’t buy into the theory that we women need 50 different products just to achieve an every-day makeup look. I’ll be honest; I did buy into that for a while…until one day when my makeup bag legit tore and I realized I’d been holding onto products that were halfway used that I’d had for a year. No one can go through all that makeup fast enough! So I finally found a way to really get good use out of my makeup products simply by using one product in a couple different ways. Here are the things I’ve been doing (what I’m wearing in these pictures).

Product: Lipstick // Use: Lipstick and Blush // This one may seem really obvious but I really like doing it because it allows me to blend more than a powder blush.

Product: Eye Shadow Pallet // Use: Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, and Highlighter // To successfully pull this one off you must invest in a high quality eye shadow pallet from a well known brand. Some of my favorite brands are Tarte and Urban Decay. If your pallet has a light color or light shimmer, that can easily be used as highlighter. As for eyeliner, this may seem weird but I use a very tiny brush dip it in water then in shadow and apply it as liner.

Product: Eye Liner // Use: Eye Liner and Brow Pencil // This one may seem weird but let me just say that most brow pencils are so weak that you have to scrub them on your brow which ends up looking like you painted the skin underneath your eye brow. With a high quality brown eye liner pencil, I gently swipe it across the hairs of my eyebrow to actually darken them.

Product: Liquid Foundation // Use: Foundation and Eye Shadow Primer // The whole point of shadow primer is to hold your eye shadow in place. Liquid foundation does this just as well and I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what brand of foundation you use for this need.

The key to pulling of this whole makeup multi-tasking thing is good quality brush sets. They will have a variety of sizes and shapes that will allow you to achieve these looks easily. Here are a few I like: IT | Eco | MAC


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    I recently started using eyeshadow as an eyeliner. I’ve had this brush floating around my makeup drawer forever and never used it and it’s kinda stiff and perfect for applying it. Plus this way I have a more blended look instead of a “harsh” line. Love your posts Kylie!

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