My Perfume Do’s & Dont’s

In honor of the approaching spring season (and the fact that we had a lot of left over faux flowers from Hobby Lobby) I thought I’d list a few of my do’s and dont’s when it comes to wearing perfume.


Use Different Scents for Different Memories

Memories have a powerful way of coming back to us with the slight sound of a song, or the whiff of something we forgot about. I started wearing Daisy in the spring when Nick and I officially became a couple. At one point I stopped using it for a year and then when I started spritzing it again, it took me back to that spring. Since then I’ve used it just for special memories with Nick like dates, weekends, our wedding, and other milestones. I want to look back someday and remember those things. I have a different scent that I use for work. I prefer to keep business and pleasure separate.

Spritz Naked

I used to know someone who sprayed cologne all over his closet and on his clothes. That makes your clothes smell good but not your skin. Spritzing without clothes feels more fresh and clean to me. I’d rather smell good than have my clothes radiate a strong smell.



Shop for Perfume With Your Significant Other

One time Nick and I thought it would be a good idea to shop for perfume together so we bopped over to ULTA. After 90 minutes of sniffing every scent in the store and repeatedly disagreeing on the perfumes, we left with migraines and no perfume. I find that it’s easier when I just pick one myself because Nick just always ends up liking it.


This is a no-brainer but it’s a common mistake because we all become immune to the scent. Eventually it’s hard to smell it on ourselves and we forget that everyone else CAN smell it. I’ve learned this lesson a few times because I get headaches pretty easily…lol. Two spritzes is usually perfect… for me at least.

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