One Year Photo Shoot


Ahhh. We finalized our one year anniversary photo shoot! You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing two different dresses and everything looks different. We had originally had our photo shoot two weeks ago. Bianka Bridal let me wear one of their beautiful bridesmaids dresses and I was so excited. We took the pictures and got home and then found out that over half of our photos didn’t show up on the memory card. The memory card had empty space and everything so we were extremely confused. We found out that occasionally that happens where a camera simply doesn’t hold on to the picture…such a bizarre concept that we had never heard of.

Then we rescheduled our photo shoot but the bridesmaids dress didn’t come back in time from the dry cleaners (I got a deodorant mark on it per usual) so I had to wear my lavender dress from ASOS. I was bummed but everything ended up working out. The photo shoot was so fun to do. Meg, Nicks sister has her own photography business and takes such great photos. For the second shoot, Megs boyfriend Jake tagged along and kind of absorbed the role of photography assistant. He ended up carrying everything and giving pose suggestions. It was so fun and laid back which is my favorite.

I’m slowly realizing that every photo shoot I do for the rest of my life will most likely be on the beach. It’s my favorite place in the whole world so it makes sense I guess…haha. If you don’t know, I worked at Bianka Bridal in college and a little bit afterwards and was constantly amazed by the service the owners provided to their brides. In one year that I was there, girls traveled far (even out of state) to become a #BiankaBride. I love that they have a huge variety of occasion dresses aside from wedding dresses. That was why I was so excited to wear a dress from their beautiful bridesmaids collection. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend visiting!



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