Parlour Blonde



When I was little I had natural bright blonde hair…hair that was glowy and naturally shiny and perfect. Of course I had this hair from ages toddler – 12; when it was very unappreciated in its time. Then at 12 BAM: I had this thing people liked to call “dish water blonde” hair. Ugh what an elegant description.

Unfortunately I kind of put up with it for a while. My hair color would fluctuate slightly with the seasons like clockwork. It lightened in the summer then dulled to a lovely ash color in the winter. Finally, I’ve been blessed with a big girl budget due to my big girl job which allows me to return to the color of my youth.

In February my sisters and I went to The Parlour down town Grand Rapids and had the BEST time ever. You can see that blog post here. I loved the place so much I decided to go back and with the help of my lovely stylist, went blonde for summer 2016.

I will never run out of nice things to say about The Parlour. All of the stylists are so sweet and amazing at what they do. Their products are to die for (bumble and bumble) and they really pamper you. I will forever recommend them and am so grateful that their salon popped up in one of the hottest locations in Grand Rapids. I am hooked.



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