Remembering Our Wedding






^ I didn’t cry the whole day until this moment.


^ The entire weekend I pleaded with myself to be present in each moment, and I definitely was. Also I promise he had shoes on for most of the ceremony… 😉


^ After the ceremony we walked on the beach alone to take it all in.




^ The day would not have been as special if these humans hadn’t been there with us.

This weekend we’re remembering our wedding day: June 19, 2015. We are just so grateful to have had a happy, safe and healthy year together and pray for many many more. I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments and pictures from the day. One of the best parts of our wedding was being able to look around at our worlds colliding of siblings, high school friends, college friends, and family and knowing they were there to support us, which was such a blessing. To be honest, every moment felt perfect but Nick and I have a few non-obvious favorites.

A few of my favorites:

  1. The bridal party was in line on the steps of the deck, about to walk down the aisle for the ceremony and a few guests who were late wanted to get through before we walked down. Alexa, one of my bridesmaids yelled at them and said they had to wait…everyone needs at least one sassy bridesmaid. Ugh lex <3
  2. The moment of being announced husband and wife is something you’ve seen in movies and from other people your whole life, and when it finally happens to you it feels like the craziest thing ever.
  3. Kait my sister playing her guitar and singing, “can’t help falling in love” during the reception. I remember dancing with Nick and looking out at everyone else singing along with her and dancing.
  4. The whole week before the wedding it was muggy, rainy, hot, and cloudy so we were kind of curious about how the weather would turn out. The morning I woke up with my bridesmaids; Alexa opened the curtains and it looked sunny and gorgeous. I felt like the first sunny day ever.

A few of Nicks Favorites:

  1. Getting to Blodgett and walking on the deck the day of the wedding and seeing the weather and knowing it was going to be an amazing day.
  2. Watching my soon to be wife walk down the aisle. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.
  3. Casually talking and laughing with my groomsmen before the ceremony like it were any other day.
  4. The car ride after the wedding to the hotel.


*Photos taken by Tatum Photo & Design.




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