Room Service

Robe: Amazon, Macy’s, Target, L.L.Bean

As weird as it sounds, Nick and I love feeling like we live in a Hotel. To us, that’s home, that’s cozy, that’s what we want to come to at the end of a day. So while we love styling our downtown apartment like a hotel, we kind of love pretending we’re at one on the weekends ;).

Since I purchased this bar cart I’ve had so much fun playing with it and utilizing it in different ways. For Christmas time it was a cocoa bar, (post from that photo shoot here) for NYE it was a bar cart…lol, and lately on the weekends we’ve been turning it into a breakfast-in-bed cart.

We love sneaking out of bed, whipping up breakfast and then getting back in bed like we just woke up, lol. With this cozy robe that Nick recently got me, it’s just the cherry on top. I asked him if he wanted one too, and that was a hard pass but whatever.

Whether you’re renting a home, living in your purchased home, renting an apartment…don’t feel to weird to make your space exactly like you want it. Think of what you want to come home to at the end of the day and decide what kind of environment will be the most fun. I have a rule that I know will have to go out the window when we have kids: if it’s not pretty, I get rid of it. Enter hotel style.


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