Rum Point | Grand Cayman

I am SO excited to finally be able to post a blog within my BEACH category. I’ve been on a mission to find the prettiest beach in the world (haven’t gotten that far yet…LOL) and will be blogging those adventures this summer!

I’m loving that this first beach blog comes all the way from Rum Point Beach in Grand Cayman. We spent most of our time reading, snorkeling, and jet skiing (see our VLOG here). The water was 50 shades of blue, the sand was white and pink, and there were tons of palm trees speckled all over the beach to give us shade. It was pretty perfect. My favorite time to be on the beach was 9 am (yes we walked to the beach that early) because it wasn’t too hot and the beach was just glowing. I had too much fun taking pics with my new camera… eek! Miss this beach already…

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