Shades of Maroon

img_8122img_0360img_8056img_8129img_8048img_8134img_8046Top: Express | Skirt: ASOS | Booties (old) Similar here here here and here.

Nick and I love walking around downtown together and recently we stopped by the downtown GVSU campus. It’s so pretty during the fall time and as we walked it brought back so so many memories…mostly memories of me frantically running across the campus in the simultaneous combination of rain and snow to make it to class on time. Even though Nick and I went to college together, it didn’t feel like we were in the same school. I was in my world of Public Relations and Advertising, and Nick of course was sucked into his Engineering school…we honestly may as well have been on different planets. Luckily I can’t even count the number of great memories we have off campus.

In the spirit of October I am in so many shades of maroon here. Fall is such a great time to be alive when it comes to fashion! Haha… I love boots, tights, and layers. I’m also in love with dark lipstick. I recently got this one and it’s not very dark so I’m not sure if I love it yet. Still on the hunt for some different shades of red!

PS – Has anyone’s dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, etc  peaced out for bow hunting now? 🙂 My dad has. Yay for jerky!

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