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Many of you who are around me often; know a scary detail about me; I am OCD when it comes to the softness of my lips. On any given day, you can find me typing away at work as my chapstick sits on my desk next to me. The moment I see it, I am applying it to my lips. Pair this problem with my obsession for lipsticks and you have an even bigger one.

I love trying out new lipsticks and I hate to leave the house without floral colored lips but it’s been a struggle to find one that doesn’t clump and force me to take it off, put on chapstick and reapply the lipstick. If you’re my sister and you’re reading this, you’re shaking your head and laughing because you’ve seen me do this up to 10 times per day. I’ve dabbled with many lipstick brands, and there are usually aspects about each brand that I enjoy, but I can never find one that encompasses my high maintenance lip needs!

BUT luckily, I finally found the lipstick that stays on through eating, drinking, kissing, and chatting! …Stila all day liquid lipstick, (color – Patina). It doesn’t clump, it’s a pretty matte, and it soaks right into my lips so that I can reapply my chapstick as much as my OCD soul desires, all while not disturbing the quality of the lipstick.

The only thing I will suggest with this lipstick, is making sure you get a lip mask/scrub and use it before you apply the lipstick. The lipstick is so strong and sticks to your lips so you want to get a scrub/mask to make sure your lips are extremely smooth before applying the lipstick, (I love this one by Mary Kay).

This type of lipstick comes in many colors perfect for day and night. I will definitely be purchasing more of these! Side note: tall buns are my way of life.

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