Succulent Garden


When planting, it’s always ideal to have what people call a “green thumb” right? Well I do not have that. I have as far from a green thumb as you can possibly get. It’s like plants wilt the moment I touch them. Which is one of the reasons I fell in love with succulents. I remember the first time I made my own little succulent garden, I was advised to leave them in the hot sun all the time and let the rain water them. I thought, okay it’s probably not that easy but whatever. I made the garden, put them in the hot blazing sun in our pool area and then I babied it a little bit by watering it and they started to die. But then for one week I totally forgot about the garden and when I went out to check it, it was GORGEOUS. I hadn’t touched it in days and everything was just bright and perfect. So from then on I ignored my little garden and it was just fine. Since then I’ve loved making mini succulent gardens because they’re low maintenance and unique-ish.

I picked up a couple succulents today at Riverstreet Flowerland and I plan to put them in the hot sun and leave them. For our wedding we ordered about 150 succulents from Riverstreet Flowerland and they were stunning. They were so flawless they almost looked fake. Nick’s mom, Julie introduced me to flowerland and they never disappoint. They have such a large variety of great quality flowers and plants. I am giddy every time I walk in there because there’s such a huge selection that I never know where to start. Also everyone who works there is so nice. I was talking to this woman today who volunteers there. She’s a master gardener and she was giving me great advice for making a peony farm (I want to make one someday). If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking them out. I will say as a disclaimer that you can attempt to put your succulents in the house, but they’ll grow to look like ugly little trees… my theory is because they’re stretching to reach the sun. Haha…so just leave them outside.

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