Sweater Weather

img_8535-2img_8526img_8513img_8538img_8603img_8532img_8555img_8573img_8601img_8547Sweater: Forever21 | Boots: Chooka

I’ve had so much fun with this fall weather! We’ve enjoyed making fall drinks, and recipes…I made this pumpkin Alfredo pasta with pine nuts recently and it was AMAZING…not because I’m a great cook but because it was easy, lol. Anyway we recently went to Schwallier’s and it was SO CUTE. We picked apples and had such a fun day. It was such a sweater-weather day. This sweater is pretty boxy BUT the side has slits so it hugs your torso a little…but I still feel like a fluffy sweater pile when I wear it. If you’re in the mood to feel snuggly, I love finding turtle neck-like sweaters from Forever21. The sweaters aren’t the kind that I would wear to work so I won’t spend a lot of money on them, and they’re just for cozy weekend activities so honestly I love the selection Forever21 has.

Per usual, I’m already moving into the next season in my apartment. My current interior project is finishing my bar cart. We bought it on craigs list and it was this deep aqua blue color so THAT was an interesting paint project for me to fix. I’m currently finishing turning the top of it into a cocoa bar. I can’t wait to post that to the blog!

Hoping everyone has a happy/sloppy/sweaty/scary Halloween…however you choose to celebrate. Nick and I will be watching Stranger Things for the SECOND TIME IN TWO MONTHS.

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