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Recently my sisters and I had a girls day to celebrate Kait turning 19. We went to The Parlour in the City Flats Hotel in Grand Rapids, (we also did other girly things – you can watch the video of our day that Meg made here.) It’s this super adorable new salon and we became obsessed! We went there for a Blow Dry Bar appointment, where they wash dry and style your hair. We knew we were a tad late on the whole “Dry Bar” trend but we were really excited to finally do it!

I had googled Dry Bars in Grand Rapids and debated which one to pick, and I was not dissapointed with the decision to go to The Parlour. When I go to a hair salon, I want to feel relaxed, have nice conversations, feel pampered, and not worry about anything. This place was perfect for all of that. The stylists there were so sweet. Right away they took our coats, brought us drinks, and started our hair. Usually when I go to a hair salon I feel like I’m awkwardly sitting there while someone quietly does my hair. This felt so much more relaxed. The stylists were easy and fun to chat with. I asked one of them what they like to do downtown for fun and she said you can go watch movies at the UICA…it’s embarrassing that I didn’t know this information but I was so glad I asked her.

The products they used were my favorite I’ve ever had on my hair. They use all Bumble and Bumble products that feel natural, aren’t too intense and literally smell like a garden. By the end of my appointment, I was so pleased that I concluded I was going to start going to The Parlour all the time.

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