Valentine’s Breakfast

Call me weird af but I love onesies and Valentine’s day. Nick and I celebrated a little this weekend. Every year he makes me raspberry chocolate chip pancakes which are my favorite! My Dad use to make those for us a couple times a year. It was such a special thing and I love that Nick does it for me now too.

I think Valentine’s is my favorite holiday simply because it’s filled with my favorite things… the color pink, chocolate, flowers, hearts, the movie Valentine’s Day…LOL. I have many cheesy, bad, and good memories of celebrating Valentine’s in the past and thought I’d share some here:

  1. When I was little my parents would make a fancy dinner, and my dad got us chocolates, flowers, and jewelry.
  2. On one of mine and Nicks first Valentine’s, he was sick and our plans got ruined and I was in high school so I was a brat and whined to my friend Emma the whole day.
  3. In college, Nick and I made a fort and ate Chinese food…those are some of my favorite memories with him.
  4. Freshman year of college, my roommate Amy and I decorated the dorm (including the hallway). Everyone thought we were crazy. We were.
  5. One year we ate brownies with our guy friends and watched the episode of Friends where Chandler tries to quit the gym.

No matter what how you feel about Valentine’s day, it’s a reminder to appreciate your loved ones. <3



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