White Lace


You know those clothes in your closet that you put on and instantly put you in a better mood? Kind of like Michael Scott and his jeans? THIS dress does that for me. My onesie from a previous blog also makes me goofy and happy. You can see the post here. Anyway, this dress is easy to wear and feels fun. I try hard to stay away from buying white dresses because it’s something you instantly know you can’t wear to a wedding (and we’re attending 6 weddings this summer)…so this is the first dress I’ve ever purchased. I figured it’s casual enough that I’ll wear it in many settings.

This dress is from ASOS and I am constantly happy with their customer service. I love their free shipping and how quickly it gets mailed without me having to pay for speedy shipping. So lately I’ve been running around wearing a pair of sunglasses I found in my car. I hate buying sunglasses so I somehow just acquired a pair. But when we were up north I found this pair that I’m wearing in these pics in black and cream for a great deal and I decided to get them. It was so funny because my Mom was like, “so I love those other sunglasses I saw you wearing…” (the pair from my car) and I was like, “Mom I actually think they’re yours.” haha so it worked for me to return those to her and get the new ones. They look similar to ones from PRADA right now and LOL I’m not about to spend $4oo on a pair of sunglasses. I found ones from Forever21 for less than $1o so they are attached here. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Nick and I decided this year we’re going to eat Chinese takeout and watch movies. Sounds super un-fourth-of-july-ish but we need a much needed break.

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